"The journey through consciousness is the highest aspiration of human birth. This journey of awakening is from the blessings of our own seeking, divine love (bhakti) alight in us, grace of the gurus who open our doors to wisdom and our daily inner journey. As in higher consciousness, each moment is sustained in the miracle of the Now in all its abundance, wellbeing, happiness, contentment, wisdom and inspiration. Awake, we are liberated to be all a human can aspire to be- as in leading a life of happiness, freedom to Be, inspired working/playing from the heart as in purpose and overflowing in harmony, tranquility and love as in human realities"- Tapasyogi Nandhi

Tapasyogi Nandhi’s religion is in being Liberated- to understand all paths to higher consciousness with reverence and to live a life of a yogi. Nandhi’s life mission is in sharing consciousness through offerings of empowering Siddhar mantras of ancient grace through music; through the teachings of Mastery of Consciousness; and through the inspired work of the heart as in the grand Visions for humanity.


  • Mastery of Consciousness integrates the secret potent mystical teachings & empowering daily practice of the Siddhars. Siddhar Sages are the liberated..

  • Turiya Nada is the genius of upbeat, uplifting music with the sacred transmission of joyful, powerful and potent mantras and meditative energies ..

  • For a yogi/ni, Mahasivaratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga”, the time to transcend, transform and evolve. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single..

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