“Thank You for being here with me. I see myself here on this planet sharing breath with each of Us- for a purpose- to awaken consciousness for Humanity.” Nandhiji

Consciousness for Humanity:

This Movement is the declaration by people of Earth to come together once and for all in love and unity. The Declaration is being signed by it’s core founders, world leaders, and the People who are calling for countries and individuals to settle their disputes based on inalienable universal human rights, non-violence, honoring the feminine, respecting our elderly, the ending of all war, encouraging love of all people regardless of their race, religion or culture as well as the protection of our planet.
We embark on a powerful intent- convey consciousness to all of Humanity

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement

Awaken to be the Yogi:

This World Yogi Day is dedicated to all yogis, yoginis and conscious seekers around the world. For more than a decade, Nandhiji has contributed in spearheading the single most vital objective of yoga as in the auspicious enlightened aligned period of Mahasivratri to be recognized as the World Yoga Day.
World Yogi Day:

Compassion in Action, Ariven, the Consciousness Community:

We are a non-profit international community of Ariven (the Awake), united in Oneness and purpose, creating self-sustained sanctuaries for retired cows and oxen that have been used by humans that would otherwise end up in a slaughterhouse. Our sanctuaries create biodynamic agricultural land to grow intelligent vegetarian food. Our debut project, the prototype sanctuary, Amma Sanctuary, located near Tirunelveli is under construction as a Research & Development to create blue prints for future sanctuaries across the globe.

Ariven Community: