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This section is to share with you the sacred images that allows your mind to hold the energy form and guide. Should you wish to contribute towards our program of feeding the hungry, it will be greatly appreciated! Please follow this link – DHARMA or our non-profit Vision of the Ariven, global sanctuaries for retired animals-

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1. Picture of Ayya – Actual Size 7′ x 10′

To know more of Ayya, please click here!

2. Sacred Letters- Vasi Mantra Yantra – print size size 8′ x 10′

This powerful yantra of sound is an ancient Siddha mantra that has been passed on the Siddhar Thirumulanathar lineage. It is a yantra mantra that radiates energy. To have this yantra framed and kept brings-

  1. Divine protection and grace
  2. Higher Wisdom
  3. Abundance – Fulfillment
  4. Divine guidance
  5. Divine grace of acquiring “Siddhi”, the powers of perfection such as the ‘sixth’ sense.

3. Padmanabha

This sacred posture is from the wisdom beyond one of the sacred names of Mahavishnu, Padmanabha. ‘Padma’ is the sacred lotus and ‘nabhi’ is the navel. Padmanabha is the one through whose navel, as the Kundalini stalk, Mahalaxmi grows up to blossom, and She sits above the lotus sustaining creation. Below is Mahavishnu immersed in the invigorating balance of the moon and sun energy of breath with all the divine entities worshipping Him even as Mahalaxmi sparkles above His navel… sparkling Her abundance.

Mahavishnu in this asana symbolizes ourselves resting without a thought that allows us to be the eternal aum, within the Source. At this moment all the divinities worship the divine in us, as the mind awakens to its supreme origin of surrender in the infinite void.

4. Surya Namaskar- Sun Salutation :Posture description

The Sun Salutation contains all the vital asanas essential for a yogi. When we are pressed for time, a couple of Sun Salutations could hold the space of yoga for us and following the inner techniques, our yoga will be a spiritually uplifting experience. Enjoy your Surya Namaskar to invoke the divine fire – inspired in all you do!

5. Primal Goddess, Thai Patham:

6. Shirdi Sai Baba: One of his rare pictures

7. Mahatma Gandhi:

8. Painting of Grace 8″ x 10.6 “

About the painting Grace:

In our daily journey through life, we are often reminded of the pure joys within ourselves when we experience ourselves being the Spirit in the human identity that we immerse ourself to be. We experience this joy especially when we are inspired or doing something extremely enjoyable. This experience is like a ‘flow’ happening. This “flow” is the grace of Source. This ‘flow’ of grace heals, rejuvenates, inspires and fulfills 

9. Screensaver- Grace.

Empower your work by the computer having this powerful picture as your screen saver! Its our gift from abundance to you! Comes with a quote.

10. Siddhar Mahasivaswamy

Siddhar Mahasivaswamy lived as a saddhu for over sixty years doing his meditative practice in the forests and caves. He and Guru Ayya used to beg together in Thiruvannamalai. He represents another Siddhar lineage where breath and the breathless journey conveyed all the inner wisdom. He taught Nandhi many Siddhar techniques in meditation and the journey beyond consciousness, but Nandhi wishes he could have spent more time with him in the physical. Siddhar Mahasivaswamy continues to be with us as in his resonance.

11. Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma

Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma lived in her cave, meditating for over 60 years. What is amazing is that this cave, located at Kalyana Thirtham, is in a tiger sanctuary. For a person to live by herself in solitude in the forest, cut away from civilization is no easy task. She would say that she was the daughter of the Siddhars and therefore protected by the Siddhars. Her life was in meditation and prayers. She took her Mahsamadhi on the auspicious Chitrapournami, last full moon. As a Siddhar grace to humanity’s ascendance in consciousness, her eternal presence is a guide, protection, sustenance, and the alight joys of self~realization for all.

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