Soul Reading Blessings with Nandhiji

“Each of us have a circle to complete as blessings- as the transformational journey of Siddhartha to Buddha. Once this circle is complete, life is effortless grace to evolve to our highest potential and Beingness.

We are  each born with a unique miracle that makes us whom we are and there are blessings that fulfill our heart’s innermost need. The purpose of the Soul Reading Blessings is convey the ancient blessings to remind you of whom you are and to convey to you the blessings  for you to complete the circle of wholeness. ” – Nandhiji


Book the Soul  Reading Blessings journey with Nandhiji

::: Soul Reading Blessings-  Zoom: Video/phone  $108 (25min)
::: Soul Reading Blessings with  special mantra  & seek your Yogi name- Zoom: Video/phone $207 (40min) + Receive digital::: Nandhiji’s  Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awaken the Inner Prophet &  Turiya Nada- Siddha Mantra Music Album Arakara (11 tracks)

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